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Episode 2.14 Between CONTROL and SURRENDER

Today we have an English speaking guest again!

It’s an inspirational talk with Derrick Anthony Young from New York City.

Living in surrender, he travels around the world as a life coach and spiritual guide.
Born and raised in Chicago, Derrick lives currently in New York City. He has three major careers before his current vocation. As choreographer, dance teacher and vocal coach he directed and produced shows all over the US until the age of 35. For 10 years he was a vice president of major banks in Los Angeles and New York City. Afterwards he started his career as an art figure model in the US and Europe.

We have so much fun with Derrick and learned something new about life.

„The mind is always about control.
The heart is always about surrender.
You more you surrender, the more freedom you get.“
Derrick Anthony Young

A loving thank you to you, Derrick. You are an enrichment for our second season. ❤️
Roberto und Kristina


You can find our guest on Facebook and here some pictures of him.







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